Services & Fees

Our Services

❃ Annual physical exam and recommended screening labs

❃ Prevention and treatment of acute/chronic conditions

❃ Rapid Strep, Covid and Flu testing

❃ Weight loss management (prescribing of medication when medically necessary)

❃ Pre-Op Medical Evaluation

❃ Sports physicals

❃ Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

❃ If insurance available, we will refer you to any specialist or order special labs when deemed necessary

Our Promise

❃ Same day and next day appointments

❃ On-time appointments with no  waiting time

❃ Guarantee 30-60 minutes per appointment 

❃ Direct contact via email with the doctor for any additional questions

❃ Access to at-cost basic laboratory testing  

❃ Dispense at cost whole-sale generic medications 

❃ No in-between personnel, just you and the doctor

No waiting. No insurance rules. No expensive testing.

Just you and the doctor.

Service Options

Office Visit

New office space in a great location close to everywhere in town. Come and personally meet Dr. G and enjoy how primary health care should be.

What to expect?

You will be personally greeted by the doctor. No need for a long wait nor any intermediaries.

Home Visit

We will come to you and treat you in the comfort and safety of your own home. With access to the same office diagnostic equipment and care, your nearest clinic is at home.  Same day prescriptions, labs or referrals guaranteed.                                       Give us a call  to determine the extent of your needs. Price  will start at $120 and will be arranged prior visit.


Forget Urgent Care! Get treatment from home for only $30 for a 20 minutes virtual medical visit. Same day appointment and same day prescriptions available at your disposal. No insurance hassle!                                                            

Meds and Labs

Not only will you enjoy the personable, dedicated and knowledgeable service from your doctor, but you’ll have access to at-cost prices for labs and medication. Your meds will be dispensed at the office, so no need to go to the pharmacy. Need a refill? No problem, just reach out to the office and we’ll have them for you on the same day.

Why should you choose Vital Primary Care and its primary care doctor?

Conventional Office Visit with Insurance
Same day or next day appointmentFirst available is next week, if you are lucky, otherwise wait 2-3 weeks to be seen
No waiting timesCrowded waiting rooms
Unhurried extended appointments of 30 to 60 min focused only on YOU & YOUR healthcare needsTime is spent on insurance, billing the computer, and government red tape
No co-payments, co-insurance, or deductiblesCo-payment and full visit charge until high deductible met
Transparent, upfront, and reasonable priceInsurance is billed at the highest level possible to maximize profits
Basic medications at wholesale priceMedications charged until deductible met
Basic labs at wholesale priceLabs charge at a conventional rate until deductible met