owensboro primary care doctor

No waiting. No insurance rules. No expensive testing. Just you and the doctor.

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Primary Care Doctor in Owensboro, Kentucky

Do you want to be able to sit with your primary care doctor, with no rush, and enjoy at least 30 min of quality time?

Have you lost your health insurance and think you can’t afford health care?

Are you in a high deductible plan paying expensive office visits?

Vital Primary Care is here for you! We provide affordable top quality services for those uninsured, with a high deductible plan, or anyone that wants to enjoy the traditional experience of a doctor that will take his time, with no rush, to address your medical concerns.

  • ❃ No CoPays – No Deductibles – No Insurance Filing.
  • ❃ Get your medication at your doctor’s office at a reduced price.
  • ❃ Greatly reduced rates for labs, from blood counts to metabolic panels and beyond.

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owensboro primary care doctor

Meet your Primary Care Doctor

Hello, I’m Dr. Leonel Guido, but I like to be called Dr. G. I’ve been an Internal Medicine  doctor for over 15 years. Along the way I realized that it’s very difficult  to provide  patients with the good  care they deserve in the current healthcare models provided by government and private insurance. Moreover, primary care is built on the long-term relationship between doctors and patients. This sacred bond is impossible to form when you are only spending 15 minutes with your doctor, at best twice a year.

With this on mind, I decided to establish Vital Primary Care  where we focus on your individual needs, no matter how long the visit takes (even if it takes an hour). Our mission is centered on making healthcare accessible especially to those underserved patients without insurance or even patients bound to pay significant amounts under a high deductible insurance plan.  I can’t wait to partner with you on your journey to better health.

About Our Primary Care Doctor Services

From an annual physical exam to weight-loss management, our office serves the community with personal, dedicated and affordable services. Furthermore, we provide in-office treatment as well as house calls and remote health management. Ultimately… no waiting, no insurance rules, no expensive testing,  just you and the doctor.

Owensboro primary care doctor

Office Visit

New office space in a great location close from everywhere in town. Come and personally meet Dr. G.

Owensboro primary care doctor

Home Visit

We will come to you and treat you in the comfort and safety of your own home with the same quality in-office services.

Owensboro primary care doctor


Get treatment from home for only $30 for a 20 minutes virtual medical visit. Same day appointments available.

Why should you choose Vital Primary Care and its primary care doctor?

Conventional Office Visit with Insurance
Same day or next day appointmentFirst available is next week, if you are lucky, otherwise wait 2-3 weeks to be seen
No waiting timesCrowded waiting rooms
Unhurried extended appointments of 30 to 60 min focused only on YOU & YOUR healthcare needsTime is spent on insurance, billing the computer, and government red tape
No co-payments, co-insurance, or deductiblesCo-payment and full visit charge until high deductible met
Transparent, upfront, and reasonable priceInsurance is billed at the highest level possible to maximize profits
Basic medications at wholesale priceMedications charged until deductible met
Basic labs at wholesale priceLabs charge at a conventional rate until deductible met

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Dr. G is waiting for you at his practice. Don’t hesitate to take care of your health in the best possible way. Call us, email us or come and see us. Make an appointment here.